Specialists in helping small & medium-sized
enterprises connect to and harness the power of the Cloud

About Head For Cloud

#HeadForCloud are experts dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises connect to, and harness the immense power of the Cloud; we are based in the UK but operate world-wide.

We passionately believe that businesses across the globe no matter their scale should have access to the benefits of the Cloud, without needing a budget of £000k's or a team of in-house experts.

Our core Cloud services include; delivering Cloud strategy, migration, automation, management and training.

The Cloud can be a daunting subject; our friendly experts can guide you through the confusion, explain what the Cloud is, and how the Cloud revolution can unleash your business potential.

Don't limit your strategy to just 'blue sky' thinking, head for... mobility, scalability, profitability and security. Head for... CLOUD

Head For Cloud Services


Flexibility &

The Cloud is completely scalable to business needs, you only pay for the services you consume and they can scale as your business does.

Value for

Cloud computing is easy to set up and manage, you no longer need to pay for expensive hardware up front and you only pay for what you consume.


Cloud providers spend a huge amount of money securing their data centre infrastructure to a degree few individual businesses can match.

Our Cloud Services

We offer a wide ranges of services designed to meet the needs of most small to medium size organisations
You'll be surprised how cost efficient the cloud can be

Migrate to Cloud

Take any existing applications/services and migrate to the cloud with minimal changes to immediately benefit from the Cloud.

Build for Cloud

Modify existing or build new applications natively for the Cloud to benefit from the huge power of the platform.

Cloud Training

Never feel like you're being left behind. Whether its general cloud awareness training or specific training for development teams.

Cloud Consultancy

We love helping companies benefit from the cloud. You may need an injection of specialist knowledge or assistance with your strategy.

Cloud Statistics

The cloud is here now and its adoption increases every day.

$270b Cloud computing spend will cross the $270 billion mark by 2020
90% 90% of Microsoft's R&D will be used to improve Cloud technology and security in 2016
78% 78% of US businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020
40x Cloud computing is 40x more effective for a SME than local infrastructure


We're an independent cloud services provider building solutions on the leading public cloud platforms and technologies.
We work with all of the major public cloud providers choosing the best provider to meet your specific needs

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Head For Cloud Blog

Our Head For Cloud blog will keep you updated with all the latest Cloud news and features. Make sense of the latest developments in Cloud technology, and explaining how it can benefit Small and Medium sized enterprises.

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