Speaking at Wroc# 2019

image courtesy of WROC#

I’m a regular speaker at international conferences and many meetups both in the UK and internationally.

I am also a co-organiser of the MK.NET meetup a local .NET Meetup in the Milton Keynes area and love being part of a number of community groups.


I’ve spoken at a number of international conferences, including many of the NDC Conference events on a variety of topics.

Slides & Videos

Slides for my talks can be found on my Speaker Deck page

You can find meetup talks and other content on our YouTube page

Many of my talks are also available on YouTube pages of the relevant conference, this playlist includes many of these talks.

Where am I speaking next

You can see my sessions and where I’m speaking on my Sessionize page

If you’d like me to speak at your company, conference or event you can get in touch with my either directly or via the Community Connect site